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Zuma Game

zuma game

Play zuma game, one of the famous zuma games ! Scope of the game is very simple, you must form 3 circles same color on the chain and […]

Pool Zuma


Pool zuma game is one of the newest zuma games since the original game aired in 2004 and combines this clasic game with billiards. Basicly the game play remains the same and you have to eliminate the colored pool bubbles

Zuma Bubble Stream

zuma deluxe

Play bubble stream and see if you can resist for 5 minutes!In this game you have to shoot the colored balls and aim the ones falling.Don’t worry […]

Motley mutant worm


This is one of the hardest zuma games that you can play on our website.You have to move the worm by moving the mouse cursor and collect […]

Zuma Samurai

samurai zuma

Samuray, this is easy!Shoot the colored balls into the chain to create groups of 3 or more balls of the same color.That’s how you make them disappear but you know that allready because you’ve played zuma before and this samuray balls game

Fairy Pearls


In this zuma game instead of normal balls you have pearls.Shoot the colored pearl into the chain to match 3 pearls and make them vanish.You can change […]

Neon PinBall


The looks of this game is pretty much out of space that’s because the creators wanted a new different approach for the zuma game.Shoot the colored ball […]

Brilliant Crystals

zuma game

Well, this is probably one of the most entertaining zuma games of all times because it is so different and so complex that you can’t even get bored while playing it.Use your magical powerups spells such as the lightning bolt, incinerate,

Zuma Ball


Zuma deluxe Ball is a simple and classic zuma game only it looks different.Shoot to create groups of 3 balls of the same color to eliminate them […]

Zuma Turtle


Hasty Turtle is a funy and colorful zuma deluxe where you have to align 3 balls of the same color to remove them from the chain.Your balls […]

Sport Zuma


I really liked sport zuma when i first played it because the creators changed the classic balls with sport balls wich adds extra fun in my opinion.Though […]

Zuma Kangaroo


This funny kangoroo throws your balls so you can match 3 or more in the chain.That’s how you clear the balls and finish the level.Once in a while you get special balls which destroys balls close by,moves back,pauses or absorb

Zuma Mouse


Allign 3 mices of the same color to eliminate them from your board.By collecting bonuses you can slow the speed of the game,increase the score ( obviously […]

Zuma Bubbles


Zuma Bubbles brings a new coat for the zuma games where the chain moves trough pipes to reach the end of the course. Match three bubbles of […]

Zuma Bunny


This fluffy bunny shoots with litlle colored bugs ( or ants,not sure to be honnest ) and you have to match 3 or more of the same […]

Chemistry Solitaire


In this game the chain is formed by cards as in solitaire game and you have to take card by card and place them in the black spots in the right of the board where you have only 1 card at the beggining of the game.Let’s say for example you have a “4” on the right,

Shooter Froggy


Another classic zuma game played in a pool where a froggy is shooting your colored balls one by one.Match them in pairs of 3 or more to […]

Zuma Dounghnut


Zuma deluxe in a new presentation ! The chains are formed by doughnuts and you shoot your next doughnut with a sling. Try to move fast and […]

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