Zuma Deluxe OnlineBrilliant Crystals

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Well, this is probably one of the most entertaining zuma games of all times because it is so different and so complex that you can’t even get bored while playing it.
Use your magical powerups spells such as the lightning bolt, incinerate, firestorm, big time, prismatic rain, disintegrate, forked lightning, little time and many many more, to eliminate all the crystals on the table. When you create matches (3 or more) the potion cups from the bottom of the screen will fill in and when they get full you also get a powerup. Eeach color has it’s own potion cup and gives you different power ups when get filled in.Enjoy playing and discovering all the features of this lovely zuma game.
You can check “help” section to understand all the spells and their powers or you can get in right in the action and discover the powers with every level you play while you are assisted by the game tip advisor.This will be fun i promise you!

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