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Zuma Online

Champion Zuma


This game is for the champions ! Play zuma deluxe withh foot balls instead of regular spheres or other rounded objescts. What is cool about this game is that with each level you pass the background changes and that’s how you play zuma deluxe on more

Zuma Dounghnut


Zuma deluxe in a new presentation ! The chains are formed by doughnuts and you shoot your next doughnut with a sling. Try to move fast and […]

Shooter Froggy


Another classic zuma game played in a pool where a froggy is shooting your colored balls one by one.Match them in pairs of 3 or more to […]

Chemistry Solitaire


In this game the chain is formed by cards as in solitaire game and you have to take card by card and place them in the black spots in the right of the board where you have only 1 card at the beggining of the game.Let’s say for example you have a “4” on the right,

Zuma Bunny


This fluffy bunny shoots with litlle colored bugs ( or ants,not sure to be honnest ) and you have to match 3 or more of the same […]

Zuma Bubbles


Zuma Bubbles brings a new coat for the zuma games where the chain moves trough pipes to reach the end of the course. Match three bubbles of […]

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